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Additive Manufacturing

Understand the Benefits Additive Technology

Additive Manufacturing is the digital process by which parts are built up layer by layer by melting, fusing or sintering materials. Based on digital part geometry, metal powders are formed into a final shape without the need for tooling. This allows for the creation of parts and geometry that have never been able to be manufactured before. 

As a service provider, we are focused on using our experience to help our clients access the right technology for the right application.

 Innovative Technology

A Design Process Built to Optimize your Needs

From napkin sketches to something you can put in your hand, all the way through FDA 510(k) submissions, Amplify is here to work with your team using a process proven to work.

✓ Transparency & Accountability

✓ Trusted Team & Quality Network

✓ Optimized Process for Efficiency

Our expertise, knowledge, and understanding of medical device design will give you the confidence you’ll need to achieve your vision, no matter how complex.

✓ Introduced the Arcam q10plus to the market

✓ Crucial role in the first 510(k) on the q10 platform

✓ educating companies about additive manufacturing (AM)

✓ Presented to the FDA on AM Technology


Our Specialty

 Implicitly understanding all sides of the conversation.

Design & engineering

Regulatory guidance

Computer-aided design

Prototype development

Serial Implant Manufacturing

Custom implant manufacturing

third party testing

post processing


What we can do for you

We create unique structures and surface textures in our products with a clear clinical benefit. Complex lattice structures can help significantly accelerate healing by promoting osseointegration, improving the implant effectiveness & boosting the patient’s long-term quality of life.

GE Additive Interview with Amplify

Impactful Design Improved Outcomes

“We are the bridge between two very different disciplines – orthopedic surgeons and design engineers. Teams often have a shared vision, but uncertainty about how best to implement additive can sometimes present hurdles to overcome.  We’re able to use that combination to add value and offer organizations solutions to overcome those hurdles – because we implicitly understand both sides of the conversation,” said McLaughlin.

How can we help?

Contact us directly and we will promptly reply to assist you. 

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Additive | Orthopedic | Excellence

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