FAME Maine Amplify Additive

Sam Brusco of Orthopedic Design & Technology interviewed Amplify Additive’s Brian McLaughlin and Ryan Haynes on how “specializing in orthopedic and spinal implant manufacturing requires the willingness to adapt to the dynamic industries.”

McLaughlin is quoted:

“AM’s ability to create unique structures and surface textures offers a clear clinical benefit. Engineered porous lattice, tortuous internal channels, and internal support structures are not possible using traditional approaches. Complex lattice structures can help significantly accelerate healing by improving osseointegration, improving the implant’s effectiveness and boosting the patient’s long-term quality of life.

‘Additive manufacturing is a clear winner as far as superior clinical outcomes for patients,” said Brian McLaughlin, president of Amplify Additive. “Hip cups are a great example where there is a significant improvement in initial fixation and bone in-growth, coupled with the reduction of supply chain, there are simply no questions about it.'”

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