The team at Amplify Additive is pleased to announce its collaboration with GE Additive for its August 26, 2020, Webinar series. 

Brian McLaughlin, President, and Jonathan Buckley, Sr. AM Application Engineer, with Amplify Additive, will present how Electron Beam Melting (EBM) is the optimal technology for them to manufacture a critical component for successful Total Hip Surgery. Many animal studies have demonstrated the optimal pore size for bone in-growth in addition to initial fixation, which with additive manufacturing (AM) can be printed and implemented into the part design via trabecular and stochastic lattice generation. This webinar will not only discuss characteristics of AM that allow for optimization for improved patient satisfaction but also compare AM to traditional technologies, including supply chain considerations. In addition, a baseline comparison to other AM technologies, i.e. Selective Laser Sintering/Melting, will be provided showing key differences to EBM.

The webinar represents a unique opportunity for the global manufacturing community to connect directly with its industry peers around the advanced applications of Additive Manufacturing for medical devices. McLaughlin and Buckley will lead a presentation, followed by a community Q&A. 

For more information on the webinar, click here.