Amplify Additive Team Featured in November, 2020 Additive Manufacturing Magazine


Pete Zelinkski, Editor-in-Chief interviewed the team during a site visit in August, 2020.

Zelinski states: “The challenge of applying additive manufacturing (AM) to medical implant production can be summarized in two sentences: In order to bring a new 3D printed implant design into production, it helps for the company to be small and new. But in order to carry out full-scale production of an implant that has won widespread adoption, it helps for the company to be established and big. AM is a natural fit for implant production, a point few would argue. But the medical sector is nevertheless waiting to see how the application of AM for implants will bridge the distance between small newness and established bigness.

Amplify Additive is a contender here. The six-employee startup founded in 2018 in Scarborough, Maine, focuses on AM via electron beam melting (EBM) for the orthopedic implant industry. President, CEO and founder Brian McLaughlin recognizes that being ready to scale will be key to the success of his business — and there is a lot that goes into that readiness.”

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