3DPrint.com shares article about “The Skilled Workforce the Additive Manufacturing Industry Needs.” 

If you ranked yourself from 1-10 in these categories, what would your score be? What areas need improvement?

The future of additive manufacturing looks very bright, however, with disruptive technologies comes a lag effect of skilled individuals to help support the growth rate. We need more bright minds that blend a variety of skills and knowledge to take AM industry to new potentials. This will come with better education and better training opportunities.

In a recent article, “The Skilled Workforce The Additive Manufacturing Industry Needs,” 3DPrint features a profile created by i-amdigital.com that identifies key traits and skills that can support the growing AM industry. However, when building a team, it is hard to find individuals who possess a fully encompassing portfolio of these skills and knowledge. This is where cross-functional collaboration is critical for employers to promote when building the AM teams.

Here at Amplify Additive, our team all has unique skillsets as well as overlapping knowledge to ensure projects can move forward without inhibiting any one individual. This approach has served us well. By hiring individuals with a specialty and a willingness to learn new tools and techniques, we can build up their ancillary skillsets through team collaboration. The more insight you give one into the life cycle of creating a successful additive device, the more creativity is leveraged to improve the workflow for the team around them. This is what we believe makes a great workforce.

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