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Here at Amplify, we are lifelong learners and we believe in continuing education. Learn from our industry experts about designing, engineering, and everything in between -Additive Manufacturing, Electron Beam Melting (EBM), orthopedics and more.

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We are here to help. Watch and learn as the Amplify Additive team walks you through the world additive manufacturing, orthopedics, and more. 

The Next Generation of Additive Manufacturing

(Left to right: Jeff Laniewski, Andre Clement, Zannah Walsh, and Jonathan Buckley)   One of Amplify Additive’s goals of 2022 is to help connect with our local community and expand education around additive manufacturing. To create the next additive workforce, we...

Building the Additive Manufacturing Workforce shares article about "The Skilled Workforce the Additive Manufacturing Industry Needs."  If you ranked yourself from 1-10 in these categories, what would your score be? What areas need improvement? The future of additive manufacturing looks very bright,...

First to 50 Parts with Additive Manufacturing

The Additive Effect Join our founder and CEO Brian McLaughlin as he shares about the “First to 50 Parts” Concept in Additive Manufacturing with EBM.  VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION [00:00:09.030]  Hello, everyone, Brian McLaughlin here, President and Founder of Amplify Additive....

“Growth is Built-In” Feature in Additive Manufacturing Media

“Growth is Built-In” Feature in Additive Manufacturing Media

Amplify Additive Team Featured in November, 2020 Additive Manufacturing Magazine   Pete Zelinkski, Editor-in-Chief interviewed the team during a site visit in August, 2020. Zelinski states: "The challenge of applying additive manufacturing (AM) to medical implant...

A Deeper Dive into EBM for Orthopedics with Amplify Additive

Amplify Additive Webinar Launch September 16, 2020: A deeper dive into supply chain considerations and EBM vs Laser for Acetabular Cups. Join the team from Amplify Additive. Learn about Additive Manufacturing for Orthopedics and take a closer look at supply chain...

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