Lattice Structures

Recreating Biology

Lattice structures are replacing secondary coatings within the world of Orthopedics. These optimized structures are excellent solutions for bone ingrowth and osseointegration.

(Left to Right: Trabecular, Stochastic, Engineered)

CLinical Advantage


We develop optimal structures for initial fixation and bone ingrowth through the marriage of additive technology and software. With access to a wide variety of lattice structures, we can create unique designs for your implant needs.   


Additive Evidence 

Fortifying the Bone-Implant Interface Part 1: An In Vitro Evaluation of 3D-Printed and TPS Porous Surfaces

Comparative analysis of current 3D printed acetabular titanium implants

Analysis of factors influencing bone ingrowth into three-dimensional printed porous metal scaffolds: A review


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