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“Over the past decade AM advancements have improved how orthopedic surgeons can approach both common and complex cases. Advanced imaging studies can help to create musculoskeletal models to create custom orthopedic guides and instruments.”

Brian McLaughlin, CEO & Founder of Amplify Additive


Amplify Additive receives ISO 13485 Certification

Original Date: April 8, 2020 - Amplify Additive of Scarborough, Maine received ISO 13485 Certification Amplify Additive is pleased to announce that the company has received its ISO 13485 certification for Contract 3D Metal Printing (additive manufacturing) of...

Electron Beam Melting Guide | GE Additive

GE Additive shared its definitive guide to Electron Beam Melting, known by industry insiders as EBM.  They state: EBM is an innovative technology for manufacturing orthopedic implants and aerospace applications. The electron beam generates the energy needed for high...

Response COVID-19 Coronavirus – Our commitment to our customers

March 18, 2020 Dear Colleagues and Customers of the Amplify Additive Community, We are at a unique point in our world’s history. The COVID-19 Coronavirus has altered how many of us are working. Our global focus is on our community safety and well-being, and the rapid...

Someday My Prints Will Come: Additive Manufacturing Insights ODT

Sam Brusco of ODT Magazine recently spoke with Amplify's Brian McLaughlin and his industry peers about 3D printer innovations, expanded material options, and the emergence of a robust supply chain that are increasing confidence in additive manufacturing technologies....

Amplifying Additive’s Potential in Orthopedics

GE ADDITIVE reached out to Brian McLaughlin at Amplify Additive to discuss our company's growth in the orthopedic manufacturing market. They called Amplify's team, "The bridge between surgeon and engineer." ““We are the bridge between two very different disciplines -...

Start-up focuses on production of titanium implants

"Metal Additive Manufacturing, also known as metal 3D printing, offers unrivalled design freedom with the ability to manufacture parts from a wide range of materials. This is a prototype of an optimised bracket for an Airbus A380, with conventional bracket behind...

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