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Established Connections to get your Product to Market

Our experienced team has the industry-know-how to get ideas through FDA regulations and meet quality standards. No matter the process, Amplify will help you get your idea off the ground and into your end-users hands with confidence and satisfaction.


Certain features of orthopedic implants, when produced using additive manufacturing, often require secondary operations performed. Although for some features, rough is right, certain implants need milling, turning, drilling, boring, and other machined operations.

Cleaning & Passivization

Whether you need ultrasonic cleaning or multi-stage hot deionized ultrasonic water rinse, Amplify has connections for validating the passivization of titanium and medical alloys to ensure specification compliance and consistency in processing.

Laser Marking

Laser Marking is a permanent process to produce a lasting mark on a surface using a beam of concentrated light. This is commonly used to mark components with serial numbers, part numbers, barcodes, unique ID codes, or graphics per FDA requirements.

Sterilization & Packaging

Packaging and Sterilization for medical devices require customized solutions to ensure safe, secure, and effective processing. Requirements are both unique and complex and Amplify will navigate you to the right solution.


Anodization, an electrochemical process,  converts a metal surface into a durable, corrosion-resistant, and decorative finish. Amplify utilizes anodized surfaces with medical devices for its antimicrobial properties. 


Additive Manufacturing for Orthopedics and Beyond

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