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We design by utilizing additive manufacturing, electron beam melting, lattice structures, and other state of the art techniques to bring you quality products you deserve. 


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Our team of experts and new-age technologies will allow you to transform your idea into something beyond the imagination. We will work with you through the design, engineering, and manufacturing processes, delivering innovative solutions.

Lattice Generation

Additive Manufacturing has allowed for the lattice generation of structures to replace traditional coatings, like titanium plasma spray (TPS) for Orthopedics. Total Joint components, particularly Acetabular Cups and Tibial Base plates, leverage these structures to aid with implants fusing to surrounding bone. 

Electron Beam Melting

 In the Arcam EBM® process, metal powder is melted layer-by-layer using a powerful electron beam to the exact geometry defined by a CAD model. This results in fully dense, stress-relieved components with material properties that out-perform  traditionally manufactured parts.


For medical devices and other industries that require high-quality products, materials are as important as technology. We focus on leveraging titanium powders for its beneficial weight and strength, as well as its biocompatibility.

Additive Manufacturing Hardware & Software

Mechanisms for Innovation

Arcam EBM is a leading developer of AM technology for volume production of metal components. It offers excellent material properties, limitless design opportunities, and high productivity to drive cost-savings.

SOLIDWORKS® is the leading 3D design and product development software with powerful functionality used to conceptualize, create, and validate designs for the medical device industry.

Materialise Magics is a versatile, industry-leading software for AM Technology that allows you to convert files to STL, edit your design, and prepare your build platform for the AM process. 

nTopology software enables smarter, more complex designs integrated with advanced lattice generation tools, such nTop Platform and Element Pro, for use in the orthopedic industry and beyond.

Within Medical is a 3D printing orthopedic implant design software that enables designers to create medical implants with trabecular lattice structures to aid osseointegration.


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